Yellow Tiger Ghost

Yellow Tiger Ghost


- Rank: General(Commander)

- Level: 75

- Size: Large

- Effective Bonus: - Animals


- Yellow Tiger Ghost Box

- Foundation Stone

- Soul Stone

- Gold

- Criminal Mark (Quest Item)

- Criminal Soul Rock (Quest item)


- Forbidden Temple - In the small round room at the middle of the temple.


- Leader of the Frog Group

- Agressive (attacks you)

- Has an attack that rains flashes of lightning which does over 7k damage (7000) and throws you backwards and a lightning strike attack.

- Good physical damage, at least every second hit is critical and can throw you backwards after 4 hits.

- Spawns every 120 mins

- Good Hp-Regenaration

- Very high Hp

- Is in group of 2 or 3 Bullfrog Generals, 2 Tree Frog Leaders. He summons Bullfrog Generals 2 at a time when they are dead.

- Many good players can't kill him because he often makes Critical Damage and is a very hard monster (probably hader than Vill-Esoteric Leader). Critical lightning flash rain attack can make up to 15k damage which is stronger than the Flame King.

- His main weakness is faint, once you have high chance of faint, you can easily kill him.

- Has poison resistance

- Has Slow resistance