-Mission Books drop from random mobs.

-To receive a Mission Book Quest, you will need a mission book. Right-click the mission book and you will receive a Quest. These quests have to be reactivated each time before starting them (can be done by clicking on the corresponding scroll).

-There are 4 difficulties of mission books: Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert. Higher difficulty means better reward, but harder monsters.
-Mission Quests' will always tell you to kill a number of monsters or Metins.
-They can be stopped at any time. (The mission book will disappear)
-If you don't activate them, your kills won't count
-Mission books drop from random mobs.

-Rewards: Upgrade Items (Unknown Medicine +, Wolf Fur, Ice Marble, Bear Gall, etc... ) or/and Gold.

NOTE: The Mission Quest Book will disappear once you click on it, even if you decline the quest.