The second Force for the Warriors is Partisan, They use pure endurance to take much more damage than others.

(Will add more later on when i get info about partisans lol)

Partisan Force has the most AC throughout all classes. They have high defence and lower attack power. Partisans are known as tankers which they can tank large amount of mobs even when they are lower levels.


- Might- is a blue ring that surrounds the warrior and gives huge amount of AC and can take in large amount of damage. Might is the best shield there is, when it is Perfect Master, it gives almost 350 AC which Aphonic and Aphotic Shield can't. The disadvantage is that Might can slow the warrior down.

- Slash- a extremely strong energy that comes out of a Partisan's weapon dealing massive damage to enermies in front.

- Stomp- a skill that is done by a single stomp which push all nearby evermies away dealing high damage and also has chance to faint.

- Leap- a skill that attacks all nearby enemies infront lowering their defenses.

- Fury- a range attack that can 100% stun an enemy.

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