Nula valley


Nula Valley belongs to the neutral areas. On this map you meet often orcs and esoterics.

In the middle of the map you can entrace the Forbidden Temple, in this area you meet stronger esoterics (red ones, Elite and Brutal, etc.)

Within the Forbiden Temple the Demon tower(DT) is at the end of the of this map.

The Center island of Nula Valley holds 2 Metins of Shadow(lvl 45) and the Boss Chief Orc (lvl 50).

== Metins==

There are 3 Metins per channel, There locations are;

First Metin- Near Yellow Nations Black Orc spot, usually around the two big rocks on the top of the central island.

Second Metin- By the dead body south of Red Nations Black Orc spot, usually down that road or around the rock next to the dead body.

Thrid Metin- On the other side of the middle island where the second metin, located around the small rock.(on the map to the right it is near the number 2 in the accordnates)

List of mobs:

Orc Group:
-Elite Orc: Nula Valley
-Elite Orc Scout: Nula
-Elite Orc Fighter: Nula
-Elite Orc Shaman: Nula
-Elite Orc General: Nula
-Black Orc: Nula
-Black Orc Giant: Nula
-Chief Orc: Nula (boss)