Nine Tails

Nine Tails


- Rank: General(Commander)

- Level: 72

- Size: Medium

- Effective Bonus: - Animals


- Nine Tails Box

- Foundation Stone

- Soul Stone

- Criminal Soul Rock


- Tangra Mountain


- Is in group of 3 Ice Golems, 1 Yeti and 1 Enchanted Ice. He summons one Ice Golem at a time, when they are dead.

- Many people kills him.

- Agressive (he attacks you automatcally)

- He has 3 types of attack: a attack like Beserk that makes damage and slows you down and pushes you back; Ice Rain which does a lot of damage and can attack few players; and physical attack which can push you back after four hits like other most high lvl bosses.

-Fast Hp regeneration

- He spawns every 90 mins

- Near the Teleporter Man

- Has stun resistance

- His weakness is poison