The Item Mall is a shop where players can buy items to help them in-game.
To buy items from the IM, you need Z8Points. They can be bought using real money.

The Item Mall can be accessed in-game, just check your menu!

List of IM-items:

  • Expanded Storage (Expands your Bank storage)
  • Third Hand (automatically picks up Gold)
  • Silk bundle (Opens up a private shop, and saves your prices, in case you open another shop [with the Silk Bundle] with the same items)
  • Hermit's Advice (Increases chance of successfully using a skill book by 2.5 times)
  • Dragon God Attack (Increases Attack Power by 12-15%. 300 Maximum)
  • Dragon God Defense (Increases AC by 12-15%. 200Maximum )
  • Experience Ring (Increases XP rate by 50%.)

And much more, please check this for the whole list :