Esoteric Leader

Esoteric Leader


- Rank: General(Commander)/Boss(King)

- Level: 54/62

- Size: Medium

- Effective Bonus: Esoterics


Criminal Mark (Quest)

- Gold


- Forbidden Temple


- Agressive (attacks you)

- In a group of 2 Elite Esoteric Summoners and 2 Elit Esoteric Executioners.

- Has two forms- Esoteric Leader(lvl 54 Commander) and Vill-Esoteric Leader(lvl 62 King)

- Has 4 types of attack- an attack that is like dark twister, an attack that looks like Remove Magic, Lightning Strike, and Physical Attack that can push you back after 4 hits are done.

- She doesn't do a lot of damage but very high Hp and very fast Hp-Regeneration

- Very fast HP regeneration

- A lot of good players can't kill her

- Fast attack speed and critical can kill her more efficiently

- Poison stops her Hp-Regeneration but does not do damage to her.

- Not effective to farm