Chief Orc

Chief Orc


- Rank: General(Commander)

- Level: 50

- Size: Medium

- Effective Bonus: Giant Goblins

- Spawns once a day


- Chief Orc Box

- Foundation Stone

- Soul Stone



- Nula Valley

- Usually near Temple

- Could be anywhere in the map (New Update)


- Very easy to kill, lots of people kill him especially people over lvl 50.

- Is in a group with 1 Black Orc, 1 Black Orc Giant, 1 Elite Orc General and 1 Elite Orc Sorcerer

- He has 2 types of attacks: an "Explosion-Attack" that throws you back and does damage and physical attack that can push you back after 4 hits has been done.

- His attacks can be Critical and can stun the player sometimes.

- Good Hp-Regeneration

- Quite effective to farm

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