Black Orc 1

Black Orc

The Black Orc is probably one of the most important mobs in Metin2.

Starting from lvl 30, you can kill mobs of Black Orcs, they give a tremendous amount of exp till lvl 40, and from there you can tank mobs of BO (frequently used abbreviation).

Black Orcs drop lvl 40-60 weapons. If these are sold at the trade vendor u can make 19 000 gold ( glacial peak + 0) and going upwards.

Black Orcs are also important for one of the Lins Quests as Black Orcs drop Orc Teeth, these can be farmed till lvl 55 although they drop more frequently in lvl 40 -50. Orc Teeth can be sold for 300-400K, depending on the prices of other people.