skills focus on powerful ranged magic attacks to bring down their enemies.

Black Magic Suras are known as the best PvP class known in Metin2 and completely the opposite to Mirage

Force's skills. They are also consider as the worst PvM classes as well. Most Black Magic Suras find difficulties to level themselves up or to farm metins since they have low physical attack power.

Their skills are best for PvP:

- Ritual Of Doom: a buff and long range attack that has a demonic fireball circling around the Sura's body which attacks random enemies doing high damage. They can just run around a player and causing damage to them until they die. The skill doesn't need to recharge, like Aura of Sword you can turn it on and off using it whenever you like (except when you're on a mount). Instead of recharge, it drains the MP of the Sura. The disadvantage is that when it comes to PvM, when the buff is on it attack random mobs which lures them to the Sura and they might not able to kill the mobs since they are higher level and stronger. But they can be very good lurers as well.

- Aphotic Shield: using demon blood to create a purple aura shield with four skulls that gives AC and damage resistance. When the damage is done on the Shield, it drains the Sura's Mp which makes the Shield not very useful in PvM.

- Dark Fire: a close range and area attack that summons a large wave of demon fire from the Sura's claw that burns and throw away all nearby evemies dealing high damage to them. It also can stun the enemy as well as do damage. This skill is meant for PvM, but most people use it to attack groups of players charging at them.

- Shadow Bolt: one of the best PvP skills and long range attacks besides Ritual Of Doom. This skill is when the Sura does a front flip and throws a magical ball that sucks the life out of the enemy dealing massive damage.

- Blood Rage: long range attack that the power is charge in the Sura's claw for few seconds and throw it to an enemy making damage to them.

- Entangled: another long range attack does minor damage to an enemy and slows them down.

Their skills consist four types of powerful long range attacks, two buffs, one close range attack and one shield,