Armors in in creases the player's defence and AC(armor class). By wearing an armor, it decreases the enemies attack damage.

Armors can be upgrage from +0 to +9 and can fail like many other things.

Armors has varies levels and for varies classes. The armor levels are: 0, 9, 18, 26, 34, 42, 48, 54, 61, 66 and 80.

Armors can be obtain by drops from mobs and also can be bought in shops or perhaps the Armor Vendor for low levels.

Some armors has varies stats, you can add more stats to the armor maximum 6 stats using Enchant Scrolls and Blessing Marbles(the latter is for the last two stats). They can fail like most other things in Metin2 but they mostly succeed. You can change the stats buy using Enchant Change Scrolls. It is 100% success to change stats but the stats can varies.

You can put Spirit Stones in armors which gives the players additional AC, Hp and defence. Putting a Spirit Stone AC+5 in an armor increases its AC by 100. This can fail and and only around 20% to succeed. If the AC+5 is successful it increases the armor's price almost up to 300kk (300,000,000gold).

Putting Spirit Stone of Miss/dodge+5 gives 15% chance to dodge attacks and arrows respectively. Putting Spirit Stone of Vita can give extra Hp in the armor; haste gives movement speed and Magic gives extra Mp.