In Metin 2.US there are many areas or Maps as they call them you can visit. There are Areas that belong to other kingdoms and others that belong to no kingdom, the following are those areas.

Kingdom Owned Areas:

Netha: The Map 1 for Listhmos Nation (Yellow) Where you level for lv 1-21 Abou entek

Bteklo bel meter Aswan: The Map 2 for Listhmos Nation Emak entek

London: The Map 1 for Dendera Nation (Blue) Where you level 1-21

Cornith: The Map 2 for Dendera Nation Where you level 21-35 Enta er kbir

Ayre bel shekoush li da2 mesmar tebout aber setak w jedak w 3amak w khalak Argos: The Map 1 for Milgard Nation(Red) Where you level 1-21

Maadi: The Map 2 for Milgard Nation Where you level 21-35

Un-Owned Areas:

Nula Valley: Leveling for lv.24-55, also farming for lv.35-55

Wasteland: Leveling lv.24-40 also farming lv.35-55

Tangra Moutain: Farming lv.45-75

Exiom Village: Farming lv.10-30 level 30 weapons

Sujin Den: Farming horse medals lv.17-30

Honobo Den: Farming horse medals lv.30-40

Joklor Den: Farming horse medals lv.50+

Vulcan Dungoen 1: Leveling 50-60

Vulcan Dungoen 2: Leveling 60-80 and making money.

Valkus: Farming lv.65-80

Wild Leaf Forest: Farming lv.65-80

Dark Leaf Forest: Farming lv 75-99

Forbbiden Temple: Leveling 40-55

Demon/Ghost Tower: Gaining EXP and Upgrading Items. Leveling 50-75

Watery Cavern: Leveling 80-99